Tom’s Whisky Reviews

Now the most northernly distillery on the Scottish mainland Wolfburn released this first whisky in March 2016, matured partly in quarter casks and some that previously held a peated whisky this is an interesting dram I was very keen on trying.

A seriously interesting release from Wolfburn that shows a lot of promise, I’d have liked to have seen this without the ex peated cask to get a better idea of the spirit but this is young whisky that’s very tasty.

I don’t think I could drink my way through a bottle of this too easily but it’s certainly worth trying if you can share it with friends.


Quite dry, earthy and malty initially on the nose, then it becomes a little fruity, with gentle puffs of cask char and chalky smoke appearing like a piece of fresh fruit that’s been heated slowly on the bbq wrapped in tinfoil, wet Edinburgh Rock, tangy citrus peel and pith and some bitter sour sweets



Sweet chalky smoke, salted popcorn and overly salty chip shop chips, hints of pepper and a splash of spice, malt loaf and overly toasted white bread, slices of fruit pie in the background with caramelised apples pears and tarte tartin.



Doughy, popcorn and light chalky smoke