Whisky and Donuts™

Whisky & Donuts™ present a rather tasty pairing



To successfully release a 3 year old whisky of upper echelon quality is never a small task … especially for a new distillery. Although considered young, this #barelylegal single malt presents true promise for future expressions to come from Wolfburn. The 2016 release, aged in a first fill bourbon cask, presents more maturity than the age stated. Lovely grains and light orchard fruits combined with a modest amount of killer peat smoke, this is simply a delicious dram! We are intrigued by all of the subtleties in this expression; there are lovely layers of honey and sea-salt while the oak compliments the burn from its youth. The #PoqetDonut #Macadamia #Coconut #donut steers this dram to supreme fruition. The rich nuttiness is “from another planet” delicious, complimenting the grassy notes while the super sweet young coconut draws out even more characters from wood oils. There is shimmer on the horizon and it’s calling to us…and we are excited! For now we can only hope there is plenty of this to go around for everyone to enjoy! Howl at the moon y’all!


We had the opportunity to visit Thurso last spring of 2015.


Being Californians, we automatically researched surf spots which lead us to this northern town known for it’s big swell breaks and treacherous cliff views to the northern isles. We have to admit our first impression upon arrival was a bit dismal as the weather seemed to erase all of the color from this romantic seaside dwelling. But as the day progressed we discovered how truly beautiful Thurso could be regardless of the elements. From the kind people we met on the beach promenade to the sea salt layered artifacts and ruins scattered through out the city, Thurso is a cozy seaside surf town offering plenty of gems for the adventurous and the meditative. We can not wait to be back there for a surf and tour of possibly one of our favorite distilleries.

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