BarleyMania reviews Kylver 2

BarleyMania won a bottle of Kylver 2 in a competition.  Read the full review here

Eye: Light amber.
Nose: The Kylver II is not only delightfully fruity but also rather discreet on the nose. It unfolds an autumnal bouquet of garden fruits such as quinces, gooseberries, brambles and very ripe apples. In addition, there are also hints of oat biscuits, powdered sugar and vanilla.
Palate: Light, smooth and masterfully balanced. Sure, this whisky has certain juvenile qualities. But I still find it hard to believe that it is a mere three years of age. While green and yellow fruits dominated the nose, red fruits take the lead on the palate. Among others, I tasted squashed strawberries, sugared cherries and fresh raspberries, laid out on a still-warm flan base.
Finish: Before it exits the scene, the Kylver II takes you on an invigorating stroll through that autumnal garden once more, letting you nibble from a wealth of fruit-bearing branches and twigs.