Langskip is launched!

Since we unveiled our inaugural whisky in early 2016, we’ve been repeatedly asked to produce a cask-strength release. Seems the many folks who love Wolfburn’s flavour profile just want more of it – and the best way to achieve that is by keeping it as pure as possible.  Technically we can’t call Langskip a cask-strength release; we’ve had to add a tiny dash of water to ensure a consistent alcohol percentage – but at 58% ABV it’s pretty darned close!

For those curious about the name, we were looking for something that conveyed strength and smoothness. “Langskip” stems from Thurso’s viking roots – it is Norse for Longship (and you’ll find a wee longship motif on the front label).

The initial reaction to Langskip has been hugely positive – which is perhaps unsurprising given how much effort Shane and team have put into making it.  Drawn from first-fill bourbon casks laid down in 2013 and 2014, it’s our oldest release to date, and since those casks were hand selected for the purpose five years ago, the results were always going to be good. It doesn’t disappoint!

Here’s what leading whisky reviewer Dave Broom ( had to say:

Nose: There’s some discernible lemon puff in there and a sweetness, even a hint of ozone freshness, while behind there’s some charred rootiness. That said, as it’s slightly hard to get into it makes sense to add water rather than struggle. It opens the citric elements up, along with nemesia, some creaminess, fresh-cut grass and the sweetness of cow’s breath. The florals continue to lift, moving into wild rose and cherry blossom.

Palate: Gorgeous, sweet and fragrant start, although the heat kicks in quickly obscuring what seems like a (hot) sugar-coated doughnut. Once again water helps allowing the sweetness to come through now, with some nuttiness making things generally softer and more approachable with just sufficient of the lemony acidity to add some bite.

Finish: Hot when neat, then pineapple and lemon.

Conclusion: It’s another winner from Wolfburn.

Score: 84%