Distillery developments

Visitors to Wolfburn this summer will discover a couple of improvements to our beloved distillery.

First, after six and a half years of hard use, we’ve cleaned, polished and lacquered the stills.  The result is a gleaming copper lustre – in fact they look just like they did when they were installed back in January 2013.  Thankfully the spirit they produce is also just as good as it was back then.  Some things are meant not to be changed!

Second, after six years of visitors asking to buy merchandise (and of course bottles of whisky) we have installed a proper shop.  Situated in the open area inside the still house, it’s home to all the whiskies we currently have for sale (including limited releases whenever possible), and a growing range of merchandise including t-shirts, caps, polo shirts, jackets and more.  Creating the shop has been a lot of fun and we expect the range of Wolfburn-branded merchandise to grow.  If you’re in the Thurso area… please come and take a look!