Brand of the year


Up against stiff competition from long-established whiskies from both Scotland and Ireland, Wolfburn has scooped top honours by being voted the Whiskey Committee’s Brand of the Year 2020.

The Whiskey Committee is an independent UK-based association of 133 respected whiskey aficionados. Spokesman Dale Scott commented: ‘We’ve been constantly reviewing whiskies throughout 2020. There’s been no particular theme – everything from major blue-chip brands to small independent producers has been included, and competition has been incredibly tight. Although Wolfburn has only been selling for five years, their brand is increasingly visible and they do a consistently excellent job. They don’t have the widest range of whiskies, but the focus is on quality, and their passion shines through everything they do. Our congratulations to the whole team.’

Whisky Committee administrator John Slasor added: ‘Wolfburn’s blood, sweat and tears have gone into each bottle and their aim is to ensure all have core notes that is a hallmark of their brand, whilst expressing unique traits in each expression that we were absolutely blown away with. There has been not one bottle we have tried that has disappointed us, the list is quite large and includes a number of the small batch releases and that is testament to Wolfburn and their hard work, it has paid off in bucket loads guys. Bravo and thank you.’

‘A welcome surprise and a cracking start to the year’, said Wolfburn’s Brand Ambassador Mark Westmorland. ‘It’s really humbling to hear such lovely comments about our brand and our whisky. Our sincere thanks to the Whisky Committee for honouring us with this award.’