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The Swedish blogger Anki Wolfmoon arranged an on-line whisky tasting for some other Swedish bloggers and me. We all sat down in our own homes with the samples and started the tasting at the same time – of course. We did nosing and tasting and nosing and tasting and so on and shared our notes […]

Leigh McGrotty reviews Wolfburn Leigh is a ‘Whisky Trainer’, and normally based out of Kuala Lumpur.  The Whisky Ambassador runs courses globally for the licensed trade on all things whisky, helping their staff gain an in depth knowledge base on Scotland’s finest product.   the background Some say that fortune favours the bold, but at […]

Dave Broom rates Wolfburn 8 out of 10 NOSE Light and soft with poached pear and a hint of clove and vanilla, then some smoky wood/ burnt bannocks. Becomes more scented, with elements of privet and cherry blossom, then lemon balm and a huge hit of fresh mint. Becomes increasingly like a quality reposado Tequila […]

A great review from the well respected Serge Valentin –    Wolfburn (46%, OB, 2016) Four stars (out of 5) The very first official whisky by Thurso’s Wolfburn Distillery! Some trustworthy sources say they’ve bottled no less than 62.000 bottles of this new baby, that’ll be out a little later this month. It’s a […]

Wolfburn 3yo 46% ex-bourbon barrels & quarter casks (2016) – Distillery bottling   Colour is pale white wine   Nose: A sweet and very mellow nose with vanilla and some apple, lemon, ginger shortbread, green banana and warm laundry out of the dryer. Yes, its young whisky, but served blind I would have guessed around […]

Organising a whisky club can be tough work. Members are generally a demanding bunch, always seeking new and interesting expressions, and all with a different set of palettes to satisfy. But, sometimes life is that little bit easier and experiencing a new whisky from a new distillery invariable results in huge anticipation from club attendees. […]

Wolfburn tasting at WhiskySchiff Zurich.  Leading whisky authority Julia Nourney enjoys Wolfburn’s spirit.

Excellent review from our friends in Somerset One of the newer distilleries to open of late is Wolfburn distillery, the northernmost whisky distillery on the mainland, based in Thurso. Below is a bit of info about the distillery before I take a quick look at how the spirit is maturing so far… The first Wolfburn […]

If I won the lottery (the national lottery, not the Whisky Exchange Japanese lottery), I’d open a distillery.  Probably not in South London – probably Scotland, although who knows.  As business models go, it’s a crazy one – massive upfront investment, loads of running costs, and not a penny back for three years by law, […]