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Wolfburn’s core bottlings of Northland and Aurora are soon to be bolstered with the new peated expression Morven. In advance of that the alchemists from Thurso are presenting us with ‘Wolfburn No.128’ – their first small batch whisky. Matured in smaller casks from a lightly peated spirit, No.128 provides us with our first proper look […]

BarleyMania won a bottle of Kylver 2 in a competition.  Read the full review here Eye: Light amber. Nose: The Kylver II is not only delightfully fruity but also rather discreet on the nose. It unfolds an autumnal bouquet of garden fruits such as quinces, gooseberries, brambles and very ripe apples. In addition, there are also […]

Popular whisky reviewers The Dramble give Wolfburn’s Kylver 2 an 87/100   Wolfburn have some pretty big shoes to fill – their own. Blasting onto the scene in 2016, their initial two general releases: Handcrafted (now renamed Northlands) and Aurora were both impressive and belied the commonly held assertion that older is better. Now as […]

NOSE Some citric vibrancy and chilli heat, then a touch of cut capsicum opens things, but immediately this is swept away by estery fruits: fresh pear, Russet apple. Then comes lawnmower box, dewed grass and lightly Sherried warmth rises: nuts and fruit cake mix. With water, proving dough – then the pears again. PALATE Very […]

Whisky & Donuts™ present a rather tasty pairing WOLFBURN 2016 RELEASE | MACADAMIA COCONUT   To successfully release a 3 year old whisky of upper echelon quality is never a small task … especially for a new distillery. Although considered young, this #barelylegal single malt presents true promise for future expressions to come from Wolfburn. […]