Father’s Day and Manager’s Cask duo


This very limited release consists of just 980 bottles in total. Crafted from spirit matured purely in ex-bourbon quarter casks it is a shade over seven years old. These small casks have done an amazing job of producing a wonderfully mature and rounded single malt whisky. Sweet, smooth and classy in character, it’s a great example of a traditional hand-crafted whisky – and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable dram. (The bottle comes complete with a neck-tag so that Fathers Day gifts can be personalised.)

ON THE NOSE – Sweet fruit fragrance meets fresh sea air. Zest of lemon and lime is also present, and just a gentle hint of peat smoke.

ON THE PALATE – Hints of grapes and honey are overlaid with soft hazelnut and oak. Wolfburn’s classically floral flavours abound, augmented with hints of dried fruit and cinnamon.

FINISH – There’s a surprising sweetness at the end, with hints of toffee and brown sugar coming to the fore. Traces of peat smoke remain to give a beautiful lingering finish.

70cl 54.2% vol


Our first casks were laid down in January 2013 and the manager’s private cask followed shortly afterwards – it is one of Wolfburn’s oldest sherry butts, and was hand-picked for its outstanding quality.  Having previously held Oloroso sherry, the Spanish oak has done a wonderful job of maturing our signature smooth, sweet spirit in to a beautifully rounded, vibrant, and thoroughly enjoyable whisky.

“During my 23 years in the industry, it’s always been a source of fascination watching variations in cask maturation – especially with sherry wood. Mine was hand-selected eight years ago and I am absolutely delighted with the way it has performed.”

Iain Kerr, Distillery Manager.

ON THE NOSE – Golden syrup and hints of toffee lead the way.  Soft sherry tones are present of course, but they’re subtle and overlaid with butterscotch and caramel. Lots of sweetness here.

ON THE PALATE – There’s a purity of spirit that only a single cask bottling can produce.  Creamy richness covers the palate and the flavours just keep unfurling. Sherry sweetness leads to raisins and dates and plums – Christmas cake at its best, with additional subtle hints of almonds and marzipan.

FINISH – Caramel and heather honey remain, leaving soft autumn fruit flavours lingering at the very end.

70cl 57.9% vol

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