Valentine’s Day Special Release

In February last year one of our close friends commented, “It’s hard for a girl to know what to buy her other half for Valentine’s Day. It would be great if Wolfburn could do a special bottling…”

We took those words to heart (pardon the pun) and the result is a lovely new whisky, crafted from some of our best casks. Matured in a combination of fresh bourbon barrels and tiny (sixty-litre) octaves, our Valentine’s Day Special has been made from lightly-peated spirit laid down a little over five years ago. The small casks have transformed the spirit into a beautifully smooth, floral and easy-drinking dram. To ensure a great depth of flavour, we’ve deliberately made it a little stronger than usual (52.6% ABV) and the early reviews have been superb.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

ON THE NOSE – Dried figs and oranges are gently mixed with oak and soft hints of vanilla. Peaty aromas are clearly present, but these are appropriately subtle and overlaid with light floral tones.

ON THE PALATE – Surprisingly sweet tones lead the way, hinting at marzipan and honey, followed by raisins and dates. Oaky tones create a true depth of flavour: there’s a smooth, rich creaminess throughout.

THE FINISH – Sweet fruit flavours gently fade away, leaving a lingering hint of peat smoke. A rare treat.

70cl 52.6% vol


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