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Knowledge passed down through the generations

Iain Kerr

iain Kerr

Distillery Manager

Iain joined the whisky trade at a young age after a brief period in engineering. Although relatively young in whisky terms, he has already spent 17 years learning and refining his craft and is a capable hand in all areas of the process at Wolfburn. Achieving a Distinction in the General Certificate of Distilling along the way he has worked with Balmenach Distillery, Allt a Bhainne Distillery and Glenlivet. He is an integral member of the Wolfburn team and an enthusiastic, practical addition to a dynamic working partnership.

We're aiming to make Wolfburn a very smooth, aromatic and pleasing whisky to drink­. So far the results have been absolutely excellent­.

Iain Kerr Operations Manager
Innes Macintosh

Innes Macintosh


Innes is a local lad from just up the road. After accepting the offer of a role at Wolfburn, Innes along with Charlie completes the team. We are thrilled to be passing on Iain’s invaluable knowledge to the next generation of whisky makers.

Charlie Fraser

Charlie Fraser


When Charlie completed his schooling we were delighted to be able to offer him a full time position, which he has embarked upon with gusto. We are looking forward to a long and happy journey with Charlie at Wolfburn.

Paul Collins

Paul Collins

Brand Manager

Paul has been instrumental from the very beginning at Wolfburn for the creation and stewardship of our brand. From the website to the packaging and more it is him who we have to thank. All our design is done in house by Paul meaning we can meet and exceed our customers expectations in both the quality of our whisky and presentation of our whisky each and every time.

Mark Westmorland

Mark Westmorland

Global Ambassador

Mark first joined Wolfburn in early 2018 and has now taken on the roll as the Wolfburn global ambassador. He can be seen at shows and tastings all over the world educating, introducing and enjoying Wolfburn with our growing army of fans.


Charlie Ross

Distillery Tour Manager

Charlie first joined the team as the Wolfburn tour manager in May 2014. From the days of tour by appointment only, witnessing the first ever bottle sale and now to the daily tours he has shown thousands of people around Wolfburn from all corners of the globe whilst fielding tens of thousands of questions. Always smiling and immensely knowledgable he will make any trip to Wolfburn, be it as an expert or a first time whisky drinker, a trip to remember.


Jennifer Nicolson

Distillery Administrator

Jennifer first joined Wolfburn in September 2019 and has now taken on the role as the Wolfburn Distillery Administrator. Jennifer's daily tasks include meeting guests, delivering tours around the distillery, dealing with sales online and in the shop, and making sure that all orders are packaged and sent all around the world.


Max Paul

Trainee Distiller

Max has been with us now for a couple of years as a trainee distiller and completes the team at Wolfburn. Early starts, mashing, distilling, warehousing, bottling and casking are all part of Max’s day to day as he learns the Wolfburn ropes.


Jemma Nicolson

Administrative Assistant

Jemma is one of Wolfburn's latest recruits, joining in September 2020. She will take on the role of Administrative Assistant, to support Jennifer with her busy workload. Her daily tasks will include packing orders, welcoming visitors and delivering tours.

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