Meet the people behind Wolfburn - the custodians of our great whisky. A spirited bunch of individuals whose work ethic and values are the heart of the distillery.


Distillery Manager

Iain joined the whisky trade at a young age after a brief period in engineering and has already spent a quarter of a century learning and refining his craft. Achieving a Distinction in the General Certificate of Distilling along the way he previously worked with Balmenach, Allt a Bhainne, and Glenlivet distilleries. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and practical, Iain provides the pivot around which the Wolfburn team operates.

"We’re aiming to make Wolfburn a very smooth, aromatic and pleasing whisky to drink­. So far the results have been absolutely excellent­."

Iain Kerr - Distillery Manager

Iain Kerr, Distillery Manager


Deputy Manager

Innes is a local lad from just up the road, who joined Wolfburn back in 2016. After completing his apprenticeship Innes has taken on numerous additional responsibilities, first as a production shift manager, and now as Iain's deputy.


Head of Brand

Paul is the man behind Wolfburn's branding and management from the beginning. We owe him all the appreciation for his work on the website, packaging, and more. As Paul does all of our design work in-house, we are able to consistently meet and exceed our customers' expectations in terms of both the quality of our whisky and its presentation.


Global Brand Ambassador

Mark is Thurso born and bred, and joined Wolfburn in 2018 to take up the role of global brand ambassador. He can be seen at shows and tastings all over the world educating, introducing and enjoying Wolfburn with our growing army of fans.


Distillery Visits Manager

Charlie joined Wolfburn in 2014 as Visits Manager. He has shown thousands of people around Wolfburn, answering tens of thousands of questions with a smile and impressive knowledge. Charlie makes any visit to Wolfburn unforgettable, whether you're a whisky expert or a first-timer.


Distillery Administrator

Jenn joined Wolfburn in 2019 and has moved up to manage all the distillery administration, with daily tasks including running the office, managing stock levels, dealing with online sales, and ensuring that all orders are correctly packaged and promptly dispatched to customers all around the world.


Production Operator

Max has been with Wolfburn for several years, having completed his three-year apprenticeship in 2021. Early starts, mashing, distilling, warehousing, bottling and casking are all part of Max’s duties - and in addition he is responsible for maintenance and repair of much of the distillery's mechanical equipment.


Administrative Assistant

Jemma joined Wolfburn in September 2020. She supports Jennifer with her busy workload. Her daily tasks include inventory management, packing and dispatching orders, welcoming visitors and undertaking tours.


Production Operator

Matt completed his apprenticeship in spring 2024 and is a central member of the production team. His skills include mashing, distilling, warehousing, bottling, vatting and more.


Tour Manager

With ever more tour groups coming to the distillery, Wilma joined the team in 2022 to assist Charlie with visitors. Ever cheery and upbeat, her role has grown over time and now includes work in the distillery shop and elements of stock and inventory management.  


Bottling Hall Manager

Having joined in late 2022. Reporting to Iain, he has rapidly made a positive impact, which has proved serendipitous as the volume of customer orders is ever increasing, and with it comes increased pressure on bottling. Shaun continues to oversee improvements to the bottling line, including the installation and commissioning of state-of-the-art semi-automated equipment.


Trainee Distiller

Nick has recently commenced a three-year traineeship, and has instantly gelled with the rest of the team. Reporting alternately to Iain and Innes, he’s rapidly assimilating skills in milling, mashing, distilling, warehousing, coopering, vatting and bottling.